About Us


Al Aqqad Real Estate & Real Estate Valuation, with over 15 years’ experience in the Real Estate Industry to offer a professional and totally comprehensive property service to those clients who appreciate the benefits of dealing with one reliable point of contact through all facets of property transactions. With extensive knowledge of the industry we are able to represent clients in a proactive, swift and collaborative manner in order to maintain developments and relationships. We provide a bespoke Real Estate service for each site, enabling flexibility as we understand that the ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t always fit with our client’s needs. Our focus is placed on informed and transparent management ensuring communications are clear, concise and punctual.

To find the next game-changing breakthrough, and introduce it to the Emirati world of real estate. We are the company that travels to the frontiers of property management to bring innovative methods and simplified technologies. We do this to enhance integrity & transparency, save partners’ time & money, and facilitate the access, follow-up and implementation of all real estate administrative, financial and service operations.

The vision of Al Aqqad Real Estate & Real Estate Valuation, Company is to achieve the highest possible standards of the real estate market while establishing our agency as the premier and preferred real estate company both inside and outside the UAE.

To hold a unique position in the property industry, being true professionals in the field of Real Estate & Real Estate Valuation. In order for them to keep that position, it is vital to maintain certain principles and values, and behave in a manner expected of Members of the Institute. We should always work in a professional manner, with integrity and honor. They should serve their clients and employers in good faith, acting impartially and objectively when providing independent advice. It is important to always respect the public interest. We should only take on work for which they have the competence, skill and/or experience to complete it to acceptable professional standards. If they are not able to complete the project themselves, they should work in conjunction with a suitably qualified and experienced practitioner to do so. Any conflicts of interest should be identified and considered before a project is taken on. Members should not act in a matter in which a conflict or potential conflict has been identified, unless all interested parties have been made aware of the situation and agree to the Member continuing with the task. It’s important for Members to observe confidentiality requirements when working with clients and the public. Members should always conduct their business in a manner befitting their profession, and in accordance with reasonable public expectations of any professional workers.