The need for this branch of the law may be available in cases that are pressing public order, as the consultants working with Salem Al-Midfa Advocates & Legal Consultants will not make an effort to show the legal positions of their clients because of their long experience in the criminal field and to plead before the criminal courts through citizens lawyers who are restricted to the Ministry of Justice and all state courts to plead before them with all degrees of litigation, as well as our lawyers to take all preventive measures and provide legal advice derived from UAE law. To identify or remove the criminal liability for our clients that they may be exposed to as a result of their mutual dealings with individuals. As for the electronic crimes that have begun to emerge intensively and significantly in recent times, which has made us highlight the laws enacted by the UAE legislator and identify the new developments of these crimes and take all measures on behalf of our clients in the event of such crimes that relate to the abuse of the reputation or theft of personal and commercial information, whether from a computer or mobile phone.